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NOTE: this blog is to say what fictives/introjects and stuff we have! more to help people who ever wanted to meet certain sourcemates.

ANIMANGA: one piece, bungo stray dogs, saiki k & persona

GAMES: persona 5, faith: the unholy trinity, phighting, postal, yakuza, team fortress 2, resident evil, ultrakill, fallen aces, gta v, the stanley parable, devil may cry, call of duty, honkai star rail, silent hill 2, cry of fear, mortal kombat, genshin impact, project sekai

TV: loiter squad, metalocalypse, clone high, archer fx, friends, jackass, peep show, rick & morty, moral orel, it's always sunny in philadelphia 

MISC: whiplash, fight club, top gun, hlvrai, buzzfeed unsolved/ghost files, a$ap rocky, tyler the creator, ofwgkta, homestuck, black midi, black country new road, youtubers

+ unlisted

NOTE: not alot of them are active sometimes, most active at this current moment is iasip & yakuza. BODILY 14+ DESIRED.

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