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Song Of The Day (Sept 23 2023) <3

Hiiiiii --- ♡ 

A controversial one today...

SO I am such a fan of SoundCloud style music, not everyone understands but for those who also enjoy the same sound (especially the girllsssss) may like this one!

I feel a bit lame but I absolutely love this song, It's Doja Cats' new song Agora Hills <3

THE MUSIC VIDEO IS ALSO PHENOMINAL! i am obsessed! Link is below. 

Doja Cat - Agora Hills Music Video

I loved Doja's SoundCloud era back in 2016-2019, It was one of my favorites. So this new song shares the exact same energy from this time, which I love and appreciate <3 What a cute love song, it has been on repeat since I found out about it. Something about her voice and the instrumental just sounds like that cute cyber girl from another planet to me. I wanna show you off,, I wanna show you off <3

My ♡ is full lately. :)

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