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♡₊˚ 🦢・₊ ♪ ✧

in gardens bathed in moonlight's soft embrace,

where white rose petals like swan feather's grace,

their purity, a canvas for love's sweet art,

each petal, a whisper from a tender heart.

with elegance akin to a swan in flight,

they flutter down, a vision of pure white,

soft as a lover's sigh in silent night,

these petals tell a tale of love's pure light.

like swan feathers on a tranquil, mirrored lake,

in every curve and line, a love's intake,

they dance upon the breeze, so pure and free,

in each petal's fall, a love decree.

each petal, a reminder of love's sweet bloom,

a fragrance of love that banishes all gloom,

in white rose petals, like swan feathers so light,

we find a love that's endless, pure, and bright.

so let us cherish these petals, so fair,

as tokens of love we're eager to share,

for in their grace, we find love's endless theme,

in white rose petals, like a blissful dream.

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