So yeah. I kinda did quit.

A couple weeks ago, I made a post stating that I wanted to quit my job. Well, around that time, I stress applied to a job that I had previous experience in. Got a call last week about it and set up an interview for the next day since I had the day off. I looked up the name of the company and thought, "Oh no, I think I used to work at that location." The email came in with the address and the person I was going to be interviewing with and it was my old manager as well as the location I worked at up to almost exactly 2 years ago. Interview was awkward as hell, revisited the area I used to work in and saw my work mom, who did a double take and basically ran up for a hug when she realized that it was in fact me. Left still feeling awkward because it's been a while. Couple hours later, I got a call saying "Yeah, you got the job when can you start?" Told them I needed some time to let my current job know I'm leaving and that I would be finishing off the schedule. Wrote a quick note saying thanks for having me, but I'm leaving. My last day will be what's currently up on the schedule. I gave it to the big manager of the building and reiterated that I will finish what I've been scheduled for as to give him time to start looking for people and to minimize the time that they'll have 3 housekeepers (and a maintenance guy who was until recently a housekeeper) instead of 4. I was going to tell my direct manager, who recently joined the team, but he was in managerial meetings and got called to rescue the residents on a scenic drive when the bus broke down. Didn't see him until the end of the day and he thought that I had just turned in my keys and high tailed it out of there. Asked if it was anything he did, and I was like "No, I can't handle things that are out of anyone's control here. I need to leave for my own mental health." Which is true. Healthcare, doesn't mater if it's physical or mental health, is a rough field for anyone on any level, and it takes a special person to be able to do it.

I told my other housekeepers that I'm going to be leaving and the one person I was on shift with was shocked and didn't believe me at first. I was like yeah, I'm leaving at the end of the posted schedule. Another said that the job is easy, and while I did fall in love with the people, I really can't handle cleaning the toilets anymore. To anyone and everyone who has been a housekeeper/janitor in a hospital, retirement facility, assisted living, or memory care facility longer than I have, you have my respect. To anyone who has realized this and stepped back sooner than I have, I completely understand why you did. I'm right there with you. It really is a rough job to have. 

Tomorrow is my last day, and I need to say goodbye to a couple more residents before I leave. Even though some of them are tough, there's just something that I wish I had more of the right headspace to handle. Please, be kind to the poe

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