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I WUV MY FWENDS !!! RAAAAGHHH !! o(≧◇≦)o [[ 23/09/'23 | 12:11 ]]

So, uhm, help -- ??

my friend Robbie said they wanted 2 thank me 4 all my generosity & levelheadedness over the years, so they drew my self-insert dollsona ?? 4 FREE ??

(ᗒᗩᗕ) I MEAN- WTF ?! im honestly just being a decent person & doing the bare minimum (= comforting my friend when theyre upset & paying 4 their food / drink @ school when they cant afford 2 do so 4 wuteva reason LOLZ)

i dont feel like i deserve dis tbh, im legit doing nothing of value right ?? hahaha

like ,, im just supporting my loved 1s cuz i have the means 2 ,, is it so rare NOT to be selfish nowadays ??

im v thankful, idk what 2 say tho lol ?

so i shared it in my friend beesontoazt disc server and immediately got bombarded w/ art of Robbie's ver. of Ichigo

i'll put the imgs and all of the artist's instas / deviantarts in here sumwhere so u can go support / comm them if u want !

gtg, gonna go cry happi tears in mah bed now ~!! (╥ w ╥)

Ichigo by Robbie:

Ichigo by Bee:

Ichigo by Scribblewolfe:

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