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i am a bit radical in my feminism and also everything else tbh, you can ask me whatever in the comments

I'm definitely not a TERF (I'm trans myself & I love and support trans women), so the title is definitely gonna throw some people off. But if it's any consolation, I have never been transphobic outside of being a semi-transmed for 3 weeks (and that was in my super-trans-activist era where I read all kinds of trans people's blogs and watched trans men on youtube thinking "Wow they're fighting the good fight, too bad I'm cis."). 

I'm not putting this in the politics section because the politics section is a dumpster fire!

My chief beliefs:

1 - Gender is inherently oppressive and is a tool to enforce women in their place. Does this mean I hate trans folks? No, because we live in a society innit.

2 - In this same vein, women are a social, economic and political class in which their existence is predicated on subjugation, stemming around the exploitation of their reproductive features.

3 - True transgender/transsexual and women's liberation is only possible with the abolition of capital. It is capitalism which created the nuclear family, who drove home the idea of what a woman's place is (birthing more workers). Also the patrilineal line of heritage.

4 - Feminism is not "gender equality," it is patriarchal abolition. I have sympathy for boys manipulated into becoming tomorrow's rapists and monsters, but far more for the girls & trans people who have to suffer that (and YES, trans people face disproportionate levels of SA, those XY chromosomes aren't defending shit).

5 - All trans people should also be radfems. My fellow bros, it is not going to impede on your masculinity at all.

ok have a nice morning guys - make the comments section fun

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Kind of agree with all of these

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