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september '23 update 1/2

ok so, alongside my rant, i knew i wanted to do a larger, overarching update!

so, to start, school has been surprisingly good. i only go until fourth hour and at the end of my school day i serve as a teacher's aid for the pre-k class, which is so much fun. i love helping my new little friends learn their "alphabets". i love being "ms. sd"!! they are the sweetest little babies and i wish they'd stay this sweet forever. i wonder what happens that makes us change so much? oh well, all i know is right now they're still down to share snacks, and i'm going to the pumpkin patch with them in october! so exciting!

i was also elected ffa president (my goal since freshman year) and will be academic royalty in our homecoming events this year! i'm so stoked. my escort for hoco is my good friend, and he's wearing converse with his tux (i will wear converse with my dress if i can somehow get away with it). i was supposed to be dieting and going to the gym, and i was going regularly for a little while. then i got bogged down with schoolwork and well... we all know how that goes.

in academics, i'm averaging about fifteen correct answers per game. i'd get more if i started guessing, as my guesses are usually right. i just have a really hard time trusting myself. hopefully at our next meet i'll have more luck. i'd like to win a few matches my senior year, sigh.

senior year. i've already been admitted to my dream college, so yippee! it's in-state and i have some merit stuff, so tuition won't be horrible. i'm honestly very ready to just go. i'm tired of high school, i want to get away from these people that make me feel so sad. i know i probably sound a bit like those "grass is always greener" people, but i know what i'm talking about. oh well, only seven more months. uhgughsjodfosjfaifjh.

relationship wise, life has been pretty quiet. i'm still crushing on that one guy, but it's kind of simmered down. (i say that like i didn't flip out when he took his hat off and ran his fingers thru his hair in class the other day. ohhhh my word >.<) i've resigned to "focusing on myself". and it's kind of working? i've noticed myself being a lot happier, a lot more content, as of late. i hope this upward trend continues, despite that one loser.

i'm gonna have to write a part two to this, just because i'm so tired. yawwwwwn. love ya!!

- sd xoxo

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