I am not using my profile anymore

I am writing this for my friends and those who wanna add me.

You may have noticed that I sign in here very rarely... Well, Spacehey doesn't interest me anymore. It seemed like a neat concept, and I really like the customizability of the user profile. Actually using the site? Not so much.

Spacehey actually made me realize how out of touch I am with my own generation. I truly am a boomer. I don't know about half the things they talk about (franchises, music, etc). But that's a story for another day...

People also aren't really talkative either. Don't get me wrong, I have a hella lot of social anxiety and I'm scared of starting a conversation. But when I can talk to someone for hours on end who I share pretty much ZERO interests with, how come I can't do that with someone who likes Sonic like me? No offense. I just don't get it man. And I haven't even talked about what I call "friend hoarders" who only add you to have yet another friend, but completely ignore you afterwards. Truth is, making friends here is EXTREMELY hard. I could only make one friend from here who I still talk to regularly on WLM and Dsicord. I won't tell who but he's very nice (and he's not really active here either).

The only reason I'm keeping this account is because my website uses some assets that I got from here. And I kinda need it for them to work so yea. Do not add me. Do not message.
If you wanna talk to me for some weird reason, DM me and I'll give you my Discord user.
I know no one will lol. I will check tho. I will sign in for one last time this or next week.
I don't know how many hours will work take away from my life.
Anyway, I shall say my farewells now.

Thank you for reading.

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