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I am so sick and tired of 14 13 yr olds well literally anyone 18- talking abt their sexuality like your 13 no one needs to know abt that shit it's not that I have an issue with different sexualities do whatever makes you happy but don't go around talking abt that shit there are so many groomers and also if you didn't know sexuality is a sexual thing so you def shouldn't be talking about all that shit like tf!?!?!!?

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i somewhat agree, but i think its fine for kids to use sexuality labels bc they usually also encompass romantic attraction as well. it's not all about sex

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A lot more Wholesome of a post than I thought it would be. Soft agree, like it's awful that groomers take advantage of the pride that these people feel but like some of these younger teens have no outlet to express their sexuality outside of an online space. I think the solution lies more in increasing the security of this site and getting rid of groomers which is much easier said than done. However, I do agree with you.

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yes but I don't think that it shouldn't be talked abt with absolutely everyone like yeah you can talk to your friend but not with everyone on the internet it just becomes a safety issue I just wish kids were more carful with who they talk to and what they say

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