Dream Journal 9/22/23

dream Journal 9/22/23

  the sky was pink. the world was dying.

  a spaceship stands waiting; ready to go.

  the last of the humans we're fighting for their lives to find 4 organic objects to place into special compartments in the ship so they can start life anew on a new planet.

  a city in ruins, everything was falling apart. the rivers and water oozed with green toxins. technology lay to rot. not a single plant in sight. all that remained were the humans that came to find the spacecraft to take them to a new home where they would start humanity anew. a safe planet where they would not remake the mistakes of their ancestors and past brethren.

  there were 10 humans in total left in the city. 1 aged man. 1 aged woman. 2 prime aged men. 1 prime aged woman. 1 teen aged boy. 2 teen aged girls. 1 small boy. 1 small girl.

  the humans searched every crevice of the buildings closest to the spacecraft to find anything. danger was lurking to take their chances away from them.

  the teen girls were with the small boy and 1 prime aged man. they were in an apartment building, searching desperately for any organic matter. all they kept finding were broken technology, remnants of the past from only 2 years ago, and the broken hopes and dreams of the residents that had past. notes from them were left behind on the walls, on pages, and in the belongings that were left behind. 

  the small boy picked up a stuffed rabbit. he decided to keep it for his own comfort. one of the teen girls found a CD from a rock band of the past. the other found a photo of the family that had lived in the apartment that they were searching. the prime aged man kept a fantasy book he had found that was still in tact with its pages. they are all taking these trinkets with them to the new world so they can remember the world that they came from.

  the small boy starts squealing with excitement. everyone else files into the room that the child is in and stands in shock. there, in a capsule, sits a tiny little bonsai tree, creating its own weather and whatnot in the capsule, and somehow managing to survive. one of the teen girls takes the bonsai tree and puts it in her backpack. they make their way out of the building with the object that will save them all.

  all is not safe on their path, though. as soon as they leave the apartment, something lurks in just the next apartment over. the prime man stops everyone and scans his surroundings. he sees a way to a stairwell opposite of where he feels the danger is hiding. slowly and quietly, everyone walks to the stairwell just a few apartments down. they make their way to the stairwell, and the prime male slowly opens the door. 

  the door creaks too loudly, and alerts the looming danger from down the hall. then it appears. a starving pair of dogs emerge; growling. they soon charge in hopes of being able to feed themselves.

  the prime man motions everyone to move. one of the teen girls picks up the small boy and enters the stairwell as the prime man slams the door behind them, locking it tight. 

  not all is safe for them once they reach the bottom of the stairwell. one of the teen girls sees the spacecraft that stands just beyond these buildings. they all make a run for it, hoping to make it safely. not too long after their escape, the dogs find them. they chase the people relentlessly. when they manage to get close and nearly bite the small boy, the prime man takes a metal pipe he was holding on to, and strikes the dog in the head. the dog lay on the ground in silence as the other dog lunges at the man. he has nothing but the metal pipe to keep the dog off of him as it pins him to the ground, gnashing and attempting to bit his face. one of the teen girls successfully gets the dog off of him by kicking it multiple times. before it could go after her, though, the man hits it in the ribcage as hard as he can. it, too, lays motionless on the ground. shaken up, the group stays closer together and makes their way to the spacecraft.

  the prime aged female, teen boy, and aged man are looking at a concrete wall as they pass by to look for anything that might be viable for the spacecraft. there are writings on the wall.

"Class of 20XX. Here's to the future!!"

Some writing just below it reads, "Don't forget about me! We're in this together, bestie!" with a red arrow pointing to the first statement.

"We made it to graduation, and now we're ready to take on the world!"

"The rich can't take us down! We've got the future by a chokehold!"

"Matt was here."

"Good. I hated this place. See ya, losers."

Most, if not all of the writings, were all in hopes for the future. the teen boy looked at the writings with a hidden sorrow and longing in his eyes. he wanted that world back so badly. he had known that world once. and now it's all reduced to ash and ruin. He stands there, silently. The prime woman puts a hand on his shoulder and kindly tells him that they have to keep moving forward. He nods solemnly, and continues with the group.

  the aged man spots something in the distance. it looks to be a backpack of sorts. he orders the teen boy to go and retrieve it. he follows as told, and he dumps out the bag in front of them on the ground. the aged man picks up a fork. the prime woman finds a DVD of an anime from her childhood. and the teen boy picks up a small videogame console with 2 screens. they all store their final worldly possessions into the teen boy's backpack.

  something catches the teen boy's eye. something white is peeking out of the things on the ground. he picks it up and then quickly shows the others. it's a packet of honeycrisp apple seeds. he quickly stores them away in his bag afterward.

  moving forward won't be easy for this group either. ahead of them is a canal filled with green ooze and a crumbling bridge going over it.

  the aged man goes first, as he does not fear much anymore. he safely makes it across, despite the bridge cracking beneath his feet. the teen boy goes next, since he is eager to get over the bridge and back to safety. the bridge cracks more. the prime woman is hesitant due to the new state of the bridge, but casts her fear aside in hopes of starting a new life once they find a new home. 

  the prime woman makes it to the midway point of the bridge when she begins to hear crumbling. a piece of the bridge caves beneath her feet, and she makes a run for it. the bridge crumbles faster. she nearly reaches the other side when it all falls beneath her. she hangs by her hands and cries for help. the teen boy and aged man grab her hands and manage to pull her to safety. still shaken up, they gradually make their way to the spacecraft that is docked just beyond the buildings ahead of them.

  the small girl, aged woman, and other prime man are walking through an abandoned parking garage. there are nothing but abandoned vehicles for as far as the eye can see.

  together, they all rummage through the cars for any sign of what they're looking for. many cars are searched, and yet they come up empty handed.

  along the way, they all find worldly possessions to take with them. the small girl finds a notebook and crayons. the aged woman finds a rolled and slightly torn map of the United states. she also finds a marker, and writes "home" in the blank space on the paper above the map. the other prime man finds a pocket knife.

  it's not too long before they unknowingly come across a car that has just what they're looking for inside. but it won't be that easy. 

  the other prime man is in the middle of searching when he opens the passenger door and finds a hungry opossum on the floorboards under the driver's seat! it pounces onto him. the man yells and tries to pull it off of him. he takes his pocket knife and stabs the creature multiple times. it then falls into the floor, laying dead. the prime man sighs in relief, and cautiously looks for any other rodents. 

  just then, the child screams. a cat is trying to attack her. the prime man jumps into action and kicks the cat away. it scurries off, never to be seen again. 

  the aged woman cries out. she found something in the trunk of the car. it was a zip bag with acorns inside, and another zip bag with pumpkin seeds. now safely stored away in the other prime man's backpack, they make their way downward to the 1st floor of the garage, where the path to the spacecraft will be waiting for them.

  now it's a mad dash for everyone to get to the spacecraft. everyone has found something organic, and must enter each item into slots inside the craft. it will then be ready to fly. 

  the first group makes it with the bonsai tree. then the second with the honeycrisp apple seeds. and then the last group with the acorns and the pumpkin seeds. they all nod to each other and file into the spacecraft. 

  to the left of the entryway are 4 compartments meant to hold something. 4 of the group members carefully place their findings into the various compartments. the lights in the compartments all show green. 

  everyone files into sleep pods lined up against the wall. here they will stay in cryosleep until the spacecraft detects a planet suitable for human and plant life. it will fly autopilot safely through space in the meantime. some of the group quickly files into the chambers, while others peer out of the window of the rocket at the earth one last time. one for the teen girls takes a photo through the window. she also takes photos of herself and everyone.

  the speaker states a final call for everyone to enter cryosleep. the teen girl puts away her camera, and the rest of everyone gets into their sleep chambers.

  everyone is in cryosleep before the craft lifts off. as it leaves the atmosphere, the dying world comes into view. it looks absolutely horrid. the human race took everything that the planet could give, and gave nothing back. these humans, though, wanted to start new lives. they wanted to live in harmony with nature, so as to never doom other worlds to this fate that theirs has succumbed to.

  45 earth years pass as the spacecraft swiftly ventures through space. a planet finally comes upon the horizon. it is blue and green. lush with life. it is perfect for the passengers.

  the craft lands upon this new world. the cryochambers begin to thaw themselves out to allow their passengers to venture forth. tired and exhausted, it takes a few hours for everyone to get up to speed. it's not long before the door to the craft opens, and the new world opens to them.

  the world is different, but not so different than what their home used to be. the prime woman takes the first steps off of the craft, with everyone else following closely behind.

  the air is clean. the ground is full of plant life. this is home.

  the teen boy brings out a shovel and a chest. he hands the shovel to one of the prime men, who starts digging a hole deep enough for the chest. there, inside the chest, everyone gently puts their one belonging they took from their home world into the chest. it will forever stay where the spacecraft has landed. their hopes, dreams, and memories are all they have now aside from each other. as they see the last of their native land become covered in new soil, they all set out to create new lives upon this new land, promising one another that they, and generations after them, will take care of this planet. that they will give back all they take, and be kind to the world around them.

  they take the various organic things they had found out of the spacecraft, and watch as it closes its door one last time. together, the group of humans walks into a new horizon. never again will humans doom any world to its destruction. they will walk a path of peace and prosperity, taking care of one another and the world around them.

  together they will walk, and together they will live.

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