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dear edtwt

i have always been a body positivity warrior but to those sad little freaks on edtwt that do nothing but hurl, use happy people as fatspo, and pick on other people

starve more

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this is disgusting.
saying 'starve more' is vile. you clearly lack any form of empathy. eds have some of the most high death rates out of mental illnesses, and people saying things such as this, no matter how miniscule it may seem, is part of why.
you are acting above those people, yet telling people to starve and calling them freaks. that's much worse in my mind.
yes posting 'fatspo' is gross and disrespectful, but it's targeted at themselves, not the people in the photos or people lucky enough not to have a disorder. people on edtwt only hate themselves, it's an area of the internet you can block if you don't like. you have to search for it if you want to see it.

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eating disorders are seriously some of the most stigmatised mental illnesses and for you to make light of them is no better than how some people act on edtwt! I mean srsly, saying 'starve more' is crazy, would you tell someone struggling w/ self harm to cut more??

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