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System Infomation/Introduction

Hello we are Serval system ^^ we are bodily 18 (November 15th 2004) We are a traumagenic OSDD-1B system. (we are very fictive heavy, also doubles are VERY encouraged!!) We have around 65 members! Both plural and singular language is used, depending who's fronting. 

Our Hosts are: Vamp & Lux

Vamp's source (Shuichi Saihara, Danganronpa V3)

Lux's source (K1-b0/ Kiibo, Danganronpa V3)

Common Fronters: Vamp and Lux (obviously), Bug.

We are always open to talk to more systems and sourcemates!! (and any Danganronpa fans in general)

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yoo plual gang!!

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