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my new private server obsession

idk why i like these now, but hey, i think they're cool.

private servers for games. and other stuff. that aren't games. but i'm mainly talking about games. 

i think most of you have heard of private servers right now, but if you don't, they're basically servers made by fans of things that people can use. one i'm using right now is Escargot, which revives MSN Messenger [which i usually call windows live messenger but i'll just refer to it as MSN]. i'm finding using MSN to be more enjoyable than using a regular chat app xD.

another private server i use is Warmane, for World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Warmane was my first experience playing world of warcraft and it's pretty cool. if you want to play, i'd reccomend for realms, play on lordaeron if you don't want a queue. Icecrown is the most active, and that's pretty cool. but i play on lordaeron because there's no queue. so if you ever decide to go on warmane and find me, you're gonna have to go to lordaeron.

i also use for warcraft 3. they have other servers for other games like Diablo II and Starcraft, but i'm only using it for Warcraft 3. warcraft 3 is a good game honestly.

for consoles, if you have a Wii, then use Wiimmfi. it brings back the wii's online gaming functionality, so you can play with many different people. you should also use RiiConnect24, which brings back WiiConnect24. WiiLink also exists, and it brings back the old japanese-exclusive channels, however they also do bring back WiiConnect24 as well. i only use wiilink for japanese channels though.

and yeah, that's all i'm going to write. i would also include a life update but i'll send that in another blog post. see ya.

and this time i'm not gonna write more for comedic effect



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