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22/9/23 frl

I got a half day @skool today ayeee😵‍💫😮‍💨😮‍💨

Also ngl yesterday i wws checking snap stories abd deadass they got fights goin on @ tuscawhora and frederick hs, lowkey them ncas can’t fight tbh

They were literally just pulling hair, and idc what anyone says. If you pull hair u literally cant fight. Unless ur disabled and are at a disadvantage or if they’re literally hitting you on the ground you shouldn’t be pulling hair. Thats jus some puszy iszz 😵

If u pull someones hair and while and ur both standing up and able-bodided and not hurt, the other person alr won ong☠️☠️

Anyways, half day is funnnn im bored but i got my pink fit on bc on fridays we wear pinkkkkkka😽🙌

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