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What a week

My activities for the week hasn't been completed yet like I still have class this Saturday to attend but it has been a topsy-turvy week for me.

The workplace dramas (yikes), a new boba shop opened in front of my house (a good thing!), my friend fell sick, I still have no clue on how to save my sewing project and the highlight of all is I lost my phone and wallet. If I ever meet the thief one day, I'd just give the charger to them lol because it was right next to my phone and wallet (-__-;) And the cash in my wallet was only enough to buy a bottle of water (I'm serious, maybe even insufficient if you're buying from a convenience store).

I'm not very mad of losing my phone and wallet, but I'm kinda annoyed because I stored my poems there and I don't have the backup!! My designs are also gone! And don't even start with Sumikkogurashi Farm that I've built with my heart, even it's still small it's my pride and joy and makes me happy just by looking at my farm with little creatures walking around the farm. Also I'm annoyed because I have to deal with the lost ID card and bank account stuff!! (>o<;)

But all in all, I feel fine. I can live without a phone for a few days, like maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll have a new phone by tomorrow. This taught me some things, one of them is to store your cards in a separate wallet. And because of the lost of my poems, I'm thinking of posting/writing it somewhere online as a backup, somewhere where I can edit anytime I feel like it, luckily I have some poems saved on my Keep (but I'm not a real big fan writing poetry on Keep, I use it primarily to take notes). I'm not a good poet to start with, so those poems took a lot of my brain energy to produce lol and reproducing the lost poems seem almost impossible (TT_TT).

In conclusion, I'm tired lol

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