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newest steam purchases

First off, i got Florence from my bf, cute lil puzzle story game about a woman named,, well, Florence and idk what else to say other that just spoiling the whole thing tbhhh. BUT it was very cute and i got all the achievements.

Next up, AK-xolotl. I really want to like the game but honestly ive played better games, like the Binding of isacc, and enter the gungeon. Just generally better gameplay loops imo. The game gets really repetitive compared to the others, really hoping a future update fixes the current issues i have, cus its fine, i have fun, just wish i felt like i wanted to do another run, feels like a chore when you get so far but die and have to restart. idk why but the other games mentioned make you just want to have another go at it, hard to explain.

i also gott.. rhythm doctor!! pretty fun so far, i still gotta get the hang of it but the music so far is pretty good. kinda reminds me of F.I.S.H., but more tolerable lol. but yeah other than that i cant really say much. need to play more.

i also got going under, another rogue-like game. i didnt anticipate it being so hard and i noticed assist more but idk i kinda sucked, skill issue. the art is cute but i really hate the character models, theyre so lazy compared to the hand-drawn portraits every character has. I also really hate like the cooperate art style they're going for but, i get the joke, like the whole game takes place in like a soda company. i plan on making the game a little bit easier for myself with the assist mode and then ill give a better review

okay, goodbye peoples.

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