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Kirby Supremacy!!!

Kirby is silly lil guy who slaughters innocent creatures and world-ending gods alike. All hail the pink poyo puffball :3

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soo true :) what’s your favorite kirby game? mine definitely has to be super star ultra

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Ooooo Super Star Ultra is one of the best!!! It's hard to pick a favorite honestly, my top 3 (no order) have to be Super Star Ultra, Return To Dreamland, and Forgotten Land

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great choices !! return to dreamland is a classic, i think it fits the traditional kirby formula very well and the multiplayer works really well. i need to play forgotten land! i tried the demo and liked it but i just have such a long backlog

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Forgotten Land made me so heccing happy!! Also super frustrated while doing some of the more challenging time trials and no-hit boss runs xD Overall tho, it's one of the best Kirby games I've played!! Can't recommend it enough :3

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