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hai spacehey! 

today was good!! i finally finished my schoolwork so i’m pretty much graduated. (i’m still going to college in fall of 2024, i online school for my mental health so i finished early :3) diploma in the mail soonnn!

started the morning by waking up at liek 4:30am. was wide awake. i just enjoyed the time i had to myself and watched some albert but man am i sleepy now. got a bit of a headache too. saw the horses and my gma so all is well in my heart <3

GREAT NEWS: i get to sleep in tomorrow! yay! sleep is i think my most favorite thing. i could explain it but. if you get it you get it i think. we gotta stop naming drinks and treats “better than sex” and start calling naps that. fits a lot better. 

got my chiro tomorrow too which will be fun. i like my bone pops. 

saturday im spending the whole day at the barn dusting it out :0 ,, will be good to spend the day outside and workin. i always think my clearest when im at the barn working so a whole day of it sounds great. most decisions i’ve made or things i’ve realized come from when im cleaning a barn. i don’t get shower thoughts i get barn thoughts. go figure 

im off to sleep town now. much love all


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