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It's gonna be my birthday! (Sept 24th.)

YAY! I'm happy that my birthday is arising but it is unfortunately at a weekend, so I cannot boast and indulge on my ego by being the birthday bitch.

Also, what's also a bit sad is that SOMEONE ELSE I KNOW ONLINE SHARES MY BIRTHDAY? :( 
I hope mine is commemorated more but they love the favoritism due to the fact that he's the owner and he's typically popular, lol. But he's more pathetic than me!

Anyways, I'm turning fourteen! That's right, I was thirteen for a while but I have a different mindset and I don't exactly look that age either so people assume that I'm a little older.

However, don't unfriend me or whatever because of it... Unless you have the tendency to do weird shit with teens and preteens? Or maybe you're way too moral and trying to avoid something weird? (BTW, I'm not gonna be weird with adults, LMAO?) But, it's valid if you do so, haha.

I don't know what I'll get for my birthday though, I mean I already have new shoes but it was before my birthday and I honestly needed them for a while. These black Nike shoes are a little difficult to put on but it looks better than a Sketchers. I dunno, I'm superficial about shit, Lmao.

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