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why we dont need school

tbh we prob do but I felt like writing this anyways 

Math: caluators and chat gpt 

English: we speak it 

Spanish/other languegues: google translate 

History: grandparents 

Science: who tf likes it anyways   

NOWWWWW im gonna tell yall which subject is each color 

Black: Math 

Blue: English 

Yellow: Languege 

Green: Science 

Purple: History 

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i respect it and i understand your distaste for school since education is so freely dispersed by now but learning and acquiring these subjects and the fundamental understanding of it makes life so much easier for you, genuinely. if the only tools of information were online tools primarily where no effort needed to be produced, it'd honestly stagnate academic activity because copy and paste is just as easy as abc, but learning in a classroom puts those skills in your mindset and settles it for you in your day-to-day life. idk if your teacher or instructor told you but for example, math is used in everyday life so understand algebra, geometry, trig, calc, or even simply basic math would be so much easier to help you in life.
also, learning and consuming new information helps students settle opinions and if they see an error in what material they're learning, they can help change that and create more educational stuff.

but, i understand that there's so many factors to see that school might be unnecessary for you but being honest with your teacher about how the topics are taught or even implementing a way to absorb info yourself would be better, lmao.

mb for rambling

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