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I hate "Turros"

In my city there is a trend that people call themselves "Turros", basically they are based on hitting each other, stealing and even stealing each other, listening to horrible music, among other things. I never could really stand them, they always disgusted me, but lately, I'm hating them more than usual. I always do Avril Lavigne's makeup to go out or go to school (black shadow on my eyes); my problem is that every time they see me they make fun of me, EVERYONE, recently, a "Turro" in my class told me "The emo style doesn't suit you." I AM NOT EMO, just because I'm not "Turra" doesn't mean I'm emo, it's very annoying that they see me as emo, that's not who I am, I don't have anything against emos, I love them but I AM NOT EMO!!!, Why can't they focus in their own lives? Their lives suck and they come to make fun of my style, they are very annoying!!! They do a lot of other things that really bother me. I hate all the "Turros" and "Turras".

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