I am not doing very well

this is a dark blog post and i am sorry for that but i need to do my daily blogs about my life so this is how it went

i woke up and various things happened, i got angry, phoned my manager and started being an absolute dickhead so  i no longer work at mcdonalds, i got dressed, had some toast, listened to some of the radio and got on the bus, i had no plans to where i was going to go, i just wanted to go somewhere, i got bored, got off at a random stop and began walking

i dont even remember where this was, maybe not far from truro? like 10m away? very empty, i wanted a nice refreshing walk but ended up thinking too much, i saw a bridge and instantly gave myself a task to jump off it which is a bit stupid since it wasnt really deadly, super shallow, i think maybe i wanted to hit my head on the rocks and die? i was very tired so i wasnt really thinking about if it was deadly or not so  i jumped and all that happened was i bruised my shoulder and knee on the small rocks at the bottom, it was deep enough to swim in but only just about, i dont entirely know why i did all this, maybe it was because i have nothing left to live for? i dont know, i will work on making myself better, i will maybe stay with my friend tomorrow just incase i do anything tonight

yet again, sorry for being a bit dark, i tried to cut out as much description as possible like what i was thinking etc

oh, this also means im fired

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