Naruto vs Iron Man (Equal Stats)

A Short King Takes On A Tall King

This match up is probably the most random thing I've ever typed. It mostly stems from my lack of knowledge about almost all fiction.

  • I will be looking at this fight with the framework established in the Lunis meta. I have a full write-up of this meta on my blog.
  • I'll be using a variant type that I have coined, called Stagnate Variants. This means I will use whatever forms have lasted the longest in that chartarter's life.
  • For Iron Man specifically, I'll be using a generalized variant based on performance with/against other heroes.
  • I will be using stats equated, but with my own personal twist. Feel free to check out Tac'd Out on my blog for more info.
  • This fight is in character with some flanderization. Neither character knows each other.


The Naruto I'll be using is Post Toneri Naruto. This will be a bit of an average between War Arc Naruto and Adult Naruto with heavy emphasis on his Toneri fight showings.
Before talking stats, I must discuss where I place Naruto in his own verse. I believe Naruto no longer benefits from Hagaromo's chakra gift, but it still capable of performing abilities given to him. This should place this Base Naruto around Hashirama's level considering ther parallells in ability and scale with KCM considered. This should put Naruto in the God of Shinobi tier.

  • Naruto is very fast, even when compared to rivals in his tier. He is easily a 3 in base, with KCM or Sage Mode edging him towards 4.
  • Naruto is above Hashirama and Tobirama in speed, seeing as though he is more of a rival to Minato.
  • Naruto is not only massively durable normally, but he has regen that allows him to shrug off lethal blows when he is effected. Because of this, he is a 4 in durability. This is assuming with additives as Naruto uses additives every time he begins taking damage.
  • Naruto is above everyone in his tier, durability-wise, except for maybe Hashirama.
  • Naruto is strange in terms of power. Although not a very heavy hitter, he is able to scale up with both actual size and energy blasts. I place him at a 3-4 depending on scale being used.
  • Naruto is comparable but possibly lesser to Toneri in power, scaling above all others in the Tier.
  • This is where Naruto lacks. Naruto isn't particularly smart or tactically sound despite his strength. I would place him at a 1-2, given that he has effective strategy but nothing besides his one strategy.
  • Under Minato, Hiruzen, and Tobirama in terms of battle wit and/or innovation.
  • Another lacking trait. Naruto is not interested in dealing lethal in proportunate fights. He enjoys fighting but would rather not kill his opponent. I place him at a 1.
  • Naruto is the least lethal in terms of character within his tier. He can kill on occasion, but every other God tier character is far more prepared to kill.

Iron Man

For Iron Man, I will be passing the scaling over to my friend Luna. She has a way better grip on superheroes, so I'll let her explain. For reference, she's using a general Iron Man concept based on the most recent movies. I'll cover speed though, but be patient lol.

  • Given that Iron Man is agility based in flight, he should be fairly fast, even when compared to most heroes. Still, after watching his display against others who compare to him, he seems basic in terms of speed. I give him a 2 in general; 1 on the ground and a 3 when flying.
  • Comparable to Captain America who is under agility based heroes, who are under the speed based heroes.

Durability: 2-3
Tony consistently has his suit destroyed or damaged during fights, and isn’t portrayed to be a tank by any means, unlike Hulk or maybe Thor, where they not only scale to their strength, but are portrayed as very resilient to damage because of their level of power.


Power: 3 (4 in Hulkbuster)
Despite being essentially the MCU’s main protagonist, Ironman is only “slightly” above average in terms of his performance and portrayal. It’s not so much that he loses fights or wins them often, but it’s that he’s not considered “the big guns” of his verse. Characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Captain America all are comparable or greater than him, and they are considered meaningfully below the actual 4’s like Hulk, and Thor.


Intelligence: 4
Man built a suit that helps him fight superhumans, made a goddamn reactor that helps keep his body alive. Built tech to fight superhumans like the Hulk. Come on.


Character: 2
He’s deadly against grunts, middle eastern minorities, or very powerful threats to the world, but he’s only really about killing because that’s the efficient way to solve problems. It’s not unreasonable to claim he would avoid killing if it was easier to do.

The Main Event: Naruto vs Iron Man

Given what we know now in terms of interpretation, how do these two compare?

Who Wins??

 Without too much fluff, Iron Man is at a huge disadvantage here. He is much more intelligent, but only resorts in basic punches and projectile attacks. These would be too slow for Naruto, even with stats equalized. Naruto is an expert at aim dodging and, with no prior knowledge, would most likely duck an arm canon in fear that a jutsu would form at Iron Man's hand.
After this initial test, Iron Man's advantage falls apart. Naruto may not know what Iron Man is, but does know what a laser or missile is. Still, a proportional fist fight may ensue as this older Naruto is no longer as quick to enter KCM when fighting, preferring to test the waters in base. This back and forth may be interesting for a second or two, but Iron Man is much more likely to become phased and stack phases while Naruto couldn't care less if he was punch, pierced, or blown back. Iron Man would lose more and more ground, prompting Naruto to never feel the need to pull out KCM or his Kurama Avatar.
Worst case scenario, the fight becomes a Delta mirror where curiosity almost kills the fox's child (doesn't have a good ring to it). In this case, Naruto may use KCM just so he can do his classic "going easy" strategy. Iron Man would be hard-pressed in dealing any damage at this point, needing to use lasers that would be aim dodged without question.
Even with flight considered, Naruto would answer Iron Man's airborne strategy with his own. Naruto has made it clear that he refuses to be a ground target. If this happens, Iron Man's speed will be outdone once again.

  • Iron Man has the initial advantage, that being character. Iron Man would be much quicker in deciding that Naruto is a threat and actively attempting to deal lethal.
  • Adding to the above point, Iron Man would be much quicker to deduce how Naruto works mechanically at a basic level. Naruto would most likely come across as a hero/villain type with a very large arsenal of powers.
  • Iron Man hype stops there as Naruto pulls ahead in every other statistic, with Iron Man needing to dish out his best moves to keep up with a Naruto in base (or near minimal effort with additives)

Situation 1: Naruto Wins

Naruto's stat advantages and ability to combat flying energy blasters with a more powerful mirror, allow him an easy win here.

Situation 2: Iron Man Wins

Iron Man would need to use his superior intellect and bloodlust to pull off a very fast win before the fight gets out of hand. A well-timed laser to the head with some missiles in-case of a dodge may give him an early win.

Final Verdict: Naruto wins 8/10 times

Naruto is much more prepared to fight an Iron Man type. Minimal power/intention discovery is needed in the ninja world as abilities reign supreme. Iron Man should be used to being outmatched in power by now, but that doesn't actually help him, seeing as though he doesn't adapt his strategy.

Redemption: Naruto vs the Hulk Buster

This Iron Man variant gets the benefit of larger scale, and a suit better outfitted in dealing with an opponent of increased strength. This version of Tony should be much more durable (Iron Man in a thicker Iron Man suit) and have a floating bot that can rebuild arms and legs. Adding on to this, his suit is no longer a representation of his soft human body. Tony's suit can have limbs blown off and metal armor stripped without his actual body (or inner suit) taking any damage.
Adding on to this, he also has built in arm locks for grappling and thrusters/cannons that have been scaled up to his new size and sleeping gas. This suit is meant to compete against the Hulk, a character who would average higher than Iron Man in every stat besides Intelligence.

This is essentially Naruto vs Iron Man except Iron Man can match every stat and is more intelligent.

As for how Naruto would interpret this suit, I believe Naruto would treat it as the threat it appears to be, human or not. Naruto would quickly learn that this beast is too much in terms of power, especially if he breathes in any sleeping gas.
Naruto would be very inclined to run an amplifier. Seeing how Naruto reacted to the minor statistical outmatch from Momoshiki later in his life, this more naive Naruto would definitely respond with KCM and probably Sage Mode as well. The Hulk Buster could probably land a single arm lock, but this would be suicide to whatever limb he catches. A Rasengan would eat the internals of the arm lock. 
Naruto would need to resort to either Shadow Clones or the Kurama Avatar to fight quick enough to outpace the repair bots, or spend time destroying said bots. At this point, he isn't quick to use Clones to do any heavy lifting, so he'd most likely put himself in a disadvantage trying to kill the repair bots. Doing so would make him an easy target for a laser.

Because of the Shadow Clone and Avatar win-cons, Naruto is still in favor here. Still, Iron Man is a great opponent here. Naruto wins 6/10 times, with a range closer to 7/10 if he chooses to scale up or spam Shadow Clones.


Depending on the prep you give to Iron Man, Naruto either hardly struggles or struggles a good amount in base. With additives considered, Naruto edges Iron Man out in every scenerio. There will never be a way for this generalized Iron Man to beat the Kurama Avatar.

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