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soul eater !! (art n about)

I´m going to be updating here talking about soul eater and posting art! 

First! if you r a soul eater fan plzzz talk 2 mee!! so excited to finish and then start the manga! 

Second! as of rn (21/09/23) my fav character is maka! followed by justin law and then stein and spirit (they come in a pack to me). Tell me what your favz are :3

Sid and mifune had lowkey a smth going on... (21/09/23)

So far the best ending has been the third one and best opening the first one!! (22/09/23)

jk the best opening is papermoon by tommy heavenly6... ALSO I FINISHED IT !! the ending felt a liitle bland but i love maka and idc ifthe animator gave her plot armor thats my girl i loooover her <3<3<3    .  IM GOING TO START THE MANGA SOON TOO YEAH (09/10/2023)

I post most on my drawing on my twt reanimador 

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OMG this looks amazing !! i really need to watch (or read) soul eater tbh.. i started it forever ago but never finished

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thank you!!! its super fun!! im trying to finish the anime so i can strat the manga! i beilieve the stories went different since chapter/cap 37!!! and the manga goes waaayy longer and deeper !! its REALLY fun

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oooooh fuck yeah i’ll definitely check it out then !!

by xalli; ; Report