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I don't have a proper title for this !!!

I know a lot of people look at these things and click off because they don't care for it, and I understand because I used to DESPISE these types of blogs and posts, but I know what it feels like to actually experience this passion first-hand. I've been in relationships before: girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, queerplatonic, the usual friendships, you name it, but NONE have made me feel so understood in my life until now. I know you'll look at my profile and say, "well, 15 is so young," and I get it, but I had one of those childhoods that didn't let me be a child and those lives where I was always on edge and it honestly still feels like that sometimes. Past "relationships" haven't really been relationships where I actually know about the person, my knowledge of them barely scratched surface level, yet now I'm healing with my Moon. He's the reason why I'm doing better than I was before and yes, I've gone through rough patches and I still am, but having him by my side is something that has helped me so much and continues to motivate me. His love is so much more than just love. Hearing Moon's I-love-yous are never shallow and those three words are something I will always cherish from him. Before, those three words felt like any other; something just clumsily thrown around to make it feel real, but that's not the case anymore. Now, it's not enough. Saying that I love him feels like such an understatement. I'd wish for nothing but the best for this man because he truly deserves it. He's shown me love and although many people feel inclined to say otherwise, I know that in my entire life, he's given me the healthiest, most genuine support I've ever experienced and ever will experience. When people ask me "is he your everything?" in such a negative tone, I can't help but think 'yes.' He helps me make me a better person. I am building self-love, that is my own journey, but having his hands to hold while walking it is so comforting, secure, and priceless; it's a feeling I wish everyone to experience no matter romantic or not. I hope whoever reads this find their moon.

This is a reminder: please, appreciate the people you have now, you never know when you'll lose them because as easily as people come into your life, they'll be gone just like that. Live your life to the fullest even if it's not the best and even if it makes you think "there's nothing in my life worth feeling good about," because I promise you, even if life is being a pain in the butt, there are aspects you may not notice or make worth noticing that will help you get through it. Make the most out of every moment even when it feels dull. Take care.

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