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My name is Ricky and i'm absolutely horrible at starting new social media accounts, so this is the first post you're getting (whether you want it or not)!!!

Basically, i'm on here looking for connections, as I struggle MASSIVELY to make cool friends IRL. Spacehey was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I figured it's best to give it a shot. I trust my friends on it, anyway.

I'm also looking for some people to start a band with, because none of my irls play instruments or have an interest in learning. I play bass, though i'm not very good at it, so i'd prefer to be a vocalist. I'm going to try and go for an emo rock/metal kind of vibe. (Kinda obvious by my band interests, lol!)

I'm 15 years old, (almost 16, my birthday is in a month and a half!), I live in the US, annnnnnd that's kind of it. Can't wait to start chatting with everyone!!

-Xoxo, Ricky <3

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