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the thoughts of the day

i can only imagine, back when watches were a lot more commonplace, the turning of an hour. imagine, if you will, a sea of beeps of various tones at various moments washing over a crowded room. or even, if everyone present is precise (nerds), then perhaps the room sounds out one massive beep.

i will surely take a nap; my eyelids are far too heavy right now. something about physics class makes me not pay attention, and this one is no different. perhaps it is an issue with the fact that i never find trouble understanding the concepts in physics, i thus feel fine with the results. to clarify- i will nap after i get home. i will fall upon my bed and let my sheets and blankets envelop me.

two movie clubs in two evenings; exciting times i live.

the exam i absolutely bombed was dropped, yippee. it is a shame though, i really liked that exam, it just didn't have enough time allotted to it. i would like to take it again with some more time attached on my own time.... but will i?

on that note, $200 textbook..... nowhere to be found "elsewhere". professor was shocked by the price, s. korea has the same book for $30.

i hope that the book is good.... and also that it'll come. they have not even shipped it out yet, though they said they are supposed to. :(

the watch came in handy recently; i could calculate our unfortunate wage before some could even pull out their cellphones. time on wrist is also quite cool sometimes.

i am so fucking hungry.

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1. Nap

2. Pork chop

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