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˚୨୧ Lana Del Rey!! ୨୧°

Oh em gee! Girlies!! HII! How are y’all? I hope y’all are wel! You won’t believe what happened 🎀🎀

 I saw Lana Del Rey in concert! It was amazing! My dad took me and we had so much fun! I go so much compliments! I met some really nice people and they were so sweet we were all dancing and having fun! 

I got merch! THANK GOODNESS! I got a shirt and a tote! Everything was so amazing it was literally life changing! She sang cherry, A&W and pretty when you cry and more 😭🫶🏼

After my voice was completely gone, like girll it was GONEE! It was totally worth it tbh 

The next day I took the day off of school and my dad took me out shopping it was so fun! We went to the Polo store which I got a couple of cute zip up sweaters there, Burberry I was going to get a wallet but ended up getting the perfume (do not regret my choice, as it smells heavenly 🪽)

We went to Lulu lemon and oh em gee! I found the cutest grey backpack there!! So I got it and nothing was in my size there unfortunately 💔

I got some boba after that and we went to Calvin Klein and I got this cute sweater and sweats set! It literally gave me off duty model 2014 vibes!! ☕️🎀

It was amazing! Thank for listening Angels! 🪽

♡ xx yours truly 💋,  

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Bro is living the life frfr OH AND!!

Did ya heard that Lana Del Ray merchs is made out of ACTUAL baby skins?!?! You wouldn't want it after hearing that, girlie it's dangerous D:
So you should def give it to mee ^^

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