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Polish Cyryllic

so i have no idea what category to put this into but basically

I'm really into linguistics and languages and shit right and im from poland so yeah

Theres a polish version of cyryllic posted like every day on the internet but this ones mine

the image

its basically a mix of ukrainian and serbian xdd . ignore how bad my cursive is also im latinica brained :'3

thats all bye friends !!! if you have any questions ask

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I smell 4chan

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how it feels to be an agp gigaheighthon manmoder <\3333 (i only go on like /tttt/ and /x/ and /n/ occasionally cmon)

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Conspiracys AND porn???

by omniscientOverlady; ; Report

I mainly use /co/ and /mu/ :P

by omniscientOverlady; ; Report

no no i go on /x/ ironically i wanna see what theyre up to from time to time also not /t/ /tttt/ is /lgbt/ the gay one xdd

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So crazy that Homosuck is still banned but there's THIS BANNER

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Why does it look like a rich persons handwriting

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like cursive ??? it's still very commonly used in Eastern europe

by Maya Mikaela; ; Report

Ouch must be nice T-T

by Xx_Yasomi_xX; ; Report

i mean its kinda faster to write but that's about it , mine doesn't look good anyways x-x

by Maya Mikaela; ; Report

Yeah İ just missed writing in cursive but anyway HAPPY FOR YA <333

by Xx_Yasomi_xX; ; Report