Few People Online Feel "Real" Anymore.

 Anyone realize that? I feel as though, from Twitter blue check reply guys to the endless amounts of AI-voiced viral video freebooting schlock on Youtube, the internet is dead; filled with malevolent specter-like machines peddling useless if not dangerous ideas and content to crowds of millions who do not know or care to know about their world.

 Note, I don't mean this in a "the liberals are botting their beliefs" conspiracy kind of way; in fact, quite the contrary. Since around the late 2010's, I feel as though capital holders--particularly conservatives and conservative-leaning think tanks--have learned how profitable online outrage and culture wars are, pushing an unfathomable amount of bots and AI-generated content in order to artificially boost their toxic, unpalatable views on an already right-wing driven world. Essentially, the epitome of right-wing grifting is happening before our very eyes, and reactionaries are eating it up blindly (though i suppose it's to be expected given their knee-jerk philosophy).

 Perhaps I'm just crazy and people do type like blue check elonbros do; make content like Youtube freebooters do. Perhaps conservatism is an inevitability, a domineering force that nobody has any ability to curb. Perhaps my faith in humanity and our future is misplaced, naive musings of a person who is socially nothing more than a specter on the internet. But, I can't help, as a specter, to notice these... machines. Machines driven by capital, by billionaires that don't care and don't wish to care about them. I'm scared of them, as I am by much of the internet.

 I wish to one day see a human internet. One seen as a conduit for communication, co-operation and information; not the one we see today, the one driven by capital, cultists, and capitalistic cultists. I hope people will one day see that the words, photos, and stories we share on here mean just as much as any other form of communication. I wish people would behave humanly.

 I see glimpses of that, through the few friends I have here. And I have to say it makes being a specter a kinder experience.

 In a way, being a machine is a tantalizing concept. However, giving up your humanity is something I could never wish upon anyone, and something I am acutely afraid of. Physically? I wish I was a machine. Mentally? Not in a million years; I am well pleased with the bundle of contraries and logical errors in my head. But these "people," these machines of mind and heart, they are the opposite. They wish to rid themselves of all humanity except for the physical, for that way they have sex, race, and all of the messy sociological implications of human corporeality.

 I'm scared of them. Few people online feel real anymore.

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have you heard of the dead internet theory

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I am aware of it, but I feel like most if not all proponents of it conflate the corporate hollowness of the internet today with typical, right-wing conspiracy theory boogeymen (i.e. the "liberal communist agenda" and/or Jewish people.) While I think the internet is very much a husk of its former self, I wholeheartedly disagree with such conspiratorial explanations as to why; instead, I think it has to do more generally with the internet's corporatization and commodification under a uniquely inhuman system run by forceful bigots and recklessly powerful rich men with voids for hearts and minds.

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usually when i think of the corporatization of the internet, i think about how many websites and people are trying to sell shit to me, but i dont think much of the more subtle processes that you are describing

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