basically an introductory blog !!! yipee

i shouldve made this a long whle ago, but whatevs

helo hello, here im called mallowy- or just Mal! currently a 15 y/o in year 10 trying to make it through her exams -w- prns are literally anything, but i wanna see how he/they feels like, or just being a boy ;w;

im frm indonesia (tht group of islands in between the main asia continent and australia), raised & born here! im bi and genderfluid-questioning/curious, and i may not be the best conversationer but dont be scared to talk w/ me abt anything. Venting, anime, games, webtoon; even if i hv no idea abt it ill love to hear abt it :3 ill even help out w/ school if i can =D

currently, i play star rail w/ the occasional genshin & roblox. once schools over or a long break comes around, ill try to continue omori, spiritfarer, hi3, and cult of the lambs! im also interested in reading some manga/webtoons; tbhk, oshi no ko, csm, orv, cherrycrush, and i wanna start watchin the neer animes .///. 

oh oh and also pjsk and enstars im kindaaa into, hv no idea whts goin on on there but i like em

bc of school, i litteraly hv no time to do all those -_- OH and also drawing, wanna try improve my skills somehow, dk how but im figurin it out >:D

for music, i literally listen to anythin. currently, its just a bunch of vtuber covers frm 2434 (also i like the new ao gal frm hololive :3) frm the top of my head, i like malice mizer, gulu gulu, mitski, laufey, lamp, fuji kaze, and wtv new in vocaloid. if its something i can scream or cry along w/, i like >:3

will change up my prifile some time, add some-remove some, make it into more of wht im into no ~( 'w' )~ ill talk to anyone

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