I most certainly like crazy men <3

Me and a friend had a discussion abt our types. She already has a bf tho so good for her but the main focus was on my type. 

I told her I like crazy men. Obsessive, eccentric, batshit insane n probably went to the psych ward numerous times. I'm mentally unstable myself (I think it's obvious) which is probably why I prefer mentally unstable guys over the mentally stable ones,,, because I can relate to them better. 

Ik there's a rlly bad rep abt mentally unstable guys. I specifically meant the ones who are more on the obsessive side and probably have violent tendencies but would not act on them (aka intrusive thoughts),,, just like me!!! (^_^)♡

Grim looking men r cool!!

Idk how i managed to be into these types of guys, but it probably shows how deranged i am lmao. Ugh it probably stemmed from my fascination-with-serial-killers era back in 2020, when we were all cooped up in our rooms xd (dw i was not simping for any serial killer who had hurt actual people, i am and was highly aware that these men are evil). i think this era caused me to move on to horror films depicting fictional serial killers/crazy men and as u may know, they usually glorify the concept. Which lead to me (and other people probably) to fawn over glorified fictional serial killers. 

... and probably the discovery of "yanderes" as well. No offense, but thats just what i thought... :/

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