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rainy day

today is thursday, i went to school and i had a test in my science class which i think i did okay on. my classes were pretty chill but it was windy and the skies were really grey. then at lunch, when i was eating my leftover thai spring rolls with chili sauce - i had to be specific because they were so amazing - the rain started. my friends and i ate under a roof and went to the library for last period. 

i found solitaire, and it was the original version so the writing was a little different from the version i bought at the bookstore last year. the cover was dark too, not the usual pink and it was pretty interesting seeing the difference. i read by the window and it looked so pretty, the rain was falling hard and since its spring here, the window was looking directly out at a blossom tree. at the end of period, my friends were jumping around in the puddles even though i knew it was a bad idea. our uniforms were soaked from the rain and as we got into the back of her mothers car, they were all complaining about how damp they were lol. 

as we were driving away i saw my older form crush looking fine as usual and totally stared. i've embarrassed myself enough in front of that guy, but i'm sure i can deny my way out of it if he confronts me. and after tomorrow, i'll have two weeks  off school. can i glow up enough for him to fall in love with me then? 

(sorry for ranting about boys again. he just has the prettiest eyes and the cutest voice ever.)

anyway, i got home in the soaking rain and came inside. after i washed my skin and changed, i heated up some rice and cashew mix with no sugar coke (COLA GUYS.) i started watching ponyo , i love that movie sm. now im having pasta for dinner and ice cream after yay 

so yeah today was pretty good and i didnt think about fish that much. (the guy from my other blog post.) it's been a few days and i think im growing kind of numb to the situation. im just still sad tbh. but i think it should be fine. 

anyway thats all for now 

love blake ^_^

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I had a science class test too yesterday lmao

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omg how did u do science is so hard

by blake; ; Report

i got 95% im so happy it was the first test of the year but now i have no energy left :,)
how did u do??? i'm sure u did great!

by ☆bubbles☆; ; Report

thats amazing!!! 95% is so good (≧∇≦)ノ i dont know how i did yet, im assuming i got around a 30-40% because im not exactly the best at science loll

by blake; ; Report

that's still a pass!! i'm sure you'll do rly good tho, fingers crossed!!

by ☆bubbles☆; ; Report