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Bro why is finding a job so hard

Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal I need employment, man. Indeed is useless because it filters your resume, Linkedin is weird as hell because it spams you with bullshit, and every company wants you to apply online, BUT WHEN I APPLY ONLINE I NEVER GET ANYTHING BACK.

I know getting a job takes time but I'm impatient, I want money to purchase stupid little knick knacks, and I also need to save up for tuition.

What I'm probably gonna do is just go around to small businesses and hand out my resume in person, there's this bookstore I wanna work at so I might go there in the next few days or something. I feel like working at a bookstore would be a lot better since it's quiet for the most part and it's a small store so I wont be overwhelmed.

Anyways, that's my rant.  Comment like and subscribe for more splatoon 2 lets plays

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Dont feel too bad many job postings are fake rn. Employers are keeping their postings up despite not being able or willing to pay for that job

Heres a quote from the Wallstreet Journal on the matter

"Hiring managers acknowledge as much. In a survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers last summer, 27% reported having job postings up for more than four months. Among those who said they advertised job postings that they weren’t actively trying to fill, close to half said they kept the ads up to give the impression the company was growing, according to Clarify Capital, a small-business-loan provider behind the study. One-third of the managers who said they advertised jobs they weren’t trying to fill said they kept the listings up to placate overworked employees."

Its mostly just capitalist america fucking us over once again. At this point indeed might as well only be used or networking which is only useful if youre trying to start your actual career not just a job. So dont feel too horrible im sure your application itself is fine

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