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hi guys! sorry i missed last night, was suuuper sleepy after the trip! i’m making it up now tho :3

the college visit yesterday went okay!! i wasn’t really too impressed one way or another but the more info i gather the better. still undecided on my major. i really don’t know what i wanna do with my life but i think i’ll be fine. probably gonna major undecided. 


the education is good

really pretty campus and town


dorms are SHHHIIIT!

in ohio. i wanna leave. 

regardless of what i decide to go into i think my heart is pretty set on colorado. i can talk it out a lot more a whole other time. i got a lot on my brain!!

the rest of the “trip” (1hr15min) was fine too. had a giant pina colada at a mexican place so. worth it. i also got a super cute deer plushie! maybe i’ll have pics another time. maybe i’ll show all my plushies! i used to have lot more but got rid of them in some attempt at “growing up.” a couple years ago. BOO! what was i thinking?

for today, it wasn’t that great. struggled a lot and bickered with my mom but got some work done and at the end of the day, i get to lay in bed and be here so that’s what counts! get to go see my horsie friends tomorrow too. 

all in all i’m happy to be in bed. always the best part of any day. 

much love, 


p.s. trans and queer people who are outside walking and existing around campus during a tour: you’re giving me hope that it gets better. thank you for being you. i’ll be you too someday soon. <3

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