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byf -- OORP

all OORP/out of roleplay!!!

welcome, welcome!

this is an RP account for the sillies of it :3 anyone linked or tagged on the main profile is a part of this little "RP" thing.. (as of now, it is only judah!)

feel free to play along! infact, we encourage you to play along!! it'll make it more fun. and don't be afraid to ask or say silly things too, it makes things interesting.

ask questions, make comments, talk about things, have fun with us!!!! :D

i am NOT A CATHOLIC!!! or christian! or religious in any sense, and haven't been for over 3 years (AND MORE!!!!) i haven't read the bible or anything in a LONG while, none of this is meant to be too accurate, and it also is not meant to be offensive or mocking either.

i am not an actual angel, i cannot speak on Heaven or it's hierarchy. Azazel is only a character, though their name mimics that of the actual angel Azazel

any information i give out is fiction & usually a product of my imagination! take any of it with a grain of salt!!! it is all just a silly little song and dance, a play, if you will. feel free to block or unfriend if you are uncomfortable with religious imagery or anything of the sort!

places to interact with me are: comments on the main profile, bulletins, blogs

you may find me: on "Judah"s profile, on "Judah"s bulletins, on "Judah"s blogs, on other people's bulletins (there is a small chance that i will interact with other's bulletins in character! i will avoid doing anything in character on blogs, profiles, and vent/rant posts)

if something is marked "OORP", it is "out of roleplay"! i will try to keep those to a minimum so as to not break the experience.

thank you for reading, and have fun!!

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