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Music + first entry!

hii i never rll wrote anything on here but i wanna start to be more active so heres my first post!

Atm im rll into music so im curious what are yall listening to rn ? for me im rll into nu/heavy metal like slipknot, deftones and korn and also lamp, ichiko aoba and boa! also does anyone know any similar band/artist similar to the last three i named ? i wanna listento more of this genre but idk who to check so any recommendation would be nice! 

tyy and have a nice day <3

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Etane :P

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heyy! i think i have a good band you might like. they are more of a soft rock, kinda like deftones. they are called Water-Mall and my favorite album is of the mundane. super good, totally recommend.

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hii i just checked them! didn't expect them to have so few listeners but I'm happily surprised, they're actually rll good i like them! they're so underrated tho, thx for the recommendation!

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