Second Week of School Outfits

Outfit recording continues!

Last week Monday was my birthday, but I forgot to take a picture of my outfit and I forgot what exactly it was. I don't have any classes that day, but I figured if I'm including Wednesday, then Monday counts too. If I continue this, I'll try to include it.

(I did also forget this Monday, but that's mostly because I didn't go anywhere and wore my pajamas all day lol)


Tuesday Outfit

I didn't actually realize that this outfit and the one I did on Friday the previous week were basically the same until I had to add the images to Discord :/

It did finally start cooling down after the weekend, so that's nice


Wednesday Outfit

I know the shirt needs ironing, I just couldn't be bothered <( _ _ )>

I did go out that day to help a friend take some professional looking photos. We went to Starbucks after and got iced pumpkin spice lattes. It was fun (❁´◡`❁)


Thursday Outfit

So, I absolutely do not need the laptop, at least not for now, since the school gave us hard drives and all we're doing in my thesis class at the moment is taking notes on Dragon Ball fight scenes and reviewing the storyboards we made over the summer.

I think I'll take my larger backpack tomorrow anyway, though. I like having the laptop with me


Friday Outfit

Online class, but I took out the backpack because I did have plans to go out that day. Of course, I completely forgot I was supposed to do that, but it's the thought that counts, I guess

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I adrooore how strong your aesthetic is!!!!!!!!

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I commend those who put in the effort of having a new outfit each day
also cute bag, lil bat wings

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