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2nd day study (MATH)

Helloo, welcome to my 2nd blog!

I've learned a bit more how to use this site ^_^

20 sep 2023 today I woke up sick, my head was suffering, most likely because of my 4 hour sleep last night

For who don't know, I've decided to study daily from zero, so I still studied for 30 minutes,

I would have more but I really was feeling like vomiting every time I would move my head :(

Basically today I wasn't even able to study the minimum, I was just able to write down fractions and more fractions

Yesterday I was very confused about it, so I decided I would learn it a bit more

Now, I'm feeling better, just dizzy

Morning I ate bread with eggs

Then decided to study the little bit I was able to

Later I ate lunch and quickly fell asleep when I got in bed

Now I just finished a bad sketch and got in bed to sleep early today

sketch I made

Sorry the blog is very short, since I was sick I wasn't able to do much, but thanks for reading anyways! <3

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