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Rewind and spin it again.

Theres times when i reflect 

On past events that effect my life 

So why dont we subject

And reminisce. 

On better times in our lives

I just want to feel it again

One little peice of heaven 

I dont want to feel an end

Rewind and spin it again

Im not even sure about the world these days

When i see people i know its not a phase

I see all the things i love are not here to stay

Theres no way i thought this could happen to me

Why dont you agree? 

See all its come to 

Rewrite it but dont mention me 

See all its come to 

You can change but dont think about me

Its just sad 

Just make it end

Im unable to feel my head

Dont even try to pretend 

Just rewind and spin it again x5

Rewind my life and spin it again

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