people are afraid of aging, especially women

Society has created a stigma about aging. It has come from Hollywood and Hollywood portrays all actresses, be young and youthful. There are young girls on the Internet as young as eight years old, doing skin care routines and using wrinkle cream. It is disheartening to see and here, but the damage society has done on women and how they view them selves is very prominent, especially in today’s world. There are always tutorials on how to slow down aging, and how to prevent it from happening like using straws to prevent wrinkles around the mouth and women being told not to smile because it causes smile lines. But I don’t understand why people always say that if you have smile lines, that means you smile enough in your life where it has affected you physically and I think that is really beautiful.

In Hollywood, the stigma of aging is way more prominent because of the creeps in Hollywood.

People should be grateful. They are lucky enough to age because a lot of other people may not be so lucky.

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Ive been ruminating thoughts like this recently, just thinking and thinking about how much we've stigmatized old age in general. Why are we so against nature? Why are we so against regular bodies, who sag and crease and crinkle and age? Have we really gotten to a point where basically pedos have the last say in people's, especially women's, beauty and bodies? It's so sad.

I'm not a woman myself, but I know that when I grow up, I'll try my best to cherish my age marks and feel proud of them. As well as to try and make others feel good about their own. Hey, look at your pretty eye wrinkles! They suit your face; they're a sign you smile sonmuch your eyes squint from joy. Isn't that beautiful?
Look at my own face wrinkles; they signify I am alive, that I have lived many years and have come this far. I've survived for so long, they're the fruits of my labor and all the time I've been on this Earth.

Why can't our mentalities be more like that? As you've said, it is absolutely so ridiculous how much we as a whole have turned women's wrinkles into a sort of taboo. I hope for a near future where we learn to accept these things and embrace how we look. We all age, after all!

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