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writing a letter :p

So I met this girl when I went to New York for a fashion summer program and she's lives in China, and was studying in America. I'm learning to speak mandarin so I was like hey! I could help this girl! So like throughout the course I helped her and translated for her, but the course ended and shes back in China. 

We exchanged like addresses so we could send each other letters because like we can never message each other cause of the time zone differences, so yeah. I asked my Chinese teacher, and she taught me how to address a letter.

My main issue is like what do I write 😭 ? I didn't really get to know her, so I don't know what she likes. I wanted to get her like stuff that isn't available in China but idk what to get her 😭.               When I was in New York, I went to the Nintendo store and they gave me a sticker for the release of Pikmin 4, and it says "New York" at the bottom but thats litterally all I have :((

So could you guys like comment on this and give me suggestions? It would be highly appreciated X3

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