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Back to friends, disregarding of plans tightening madly

5 black coffees, oily food, and NetBeans with 15 subprojects open making me fume and waste time staring into an IDE that has its GUI thread stuck. All that resulted in my stressed body to be stuck on the toilet twice or thrice, i lost count even.

Meanwhile having missed an opportunity to have lunch with a friend at work, and also eager to meet again with another colleague, and also wanting to spend some time with an old friend and her boyfriend who host me in this city, made me want to stay one more night with them.

Yeah, that does mean I will be setting off to Berlin almost the same day as I will be back home. Yeah I have no idea if my plans will work out. They are a bit bonkers with how tight I've let them end up.

Must remember to inject myself with estradiol, ended up refraining from doing that in an office bathroom. A bit worried about if I'll manage to make myself do it this evening alright, but let's hope so..

Once again in a taxi - blogging on that netbook -, because too physically, bowels, tired, and really not wanting to miss out on more time with friends after I ended up spending way too long into staring into unresponsive IDE.

And a day in the office with some team members it was today. Actually just one, oh huh I thought someone else planned to be in the office today; although I also remember someone said they decided not to after all. But still had a lunch with a teammate and my manager and that colleague I mentioned, altogether.

Eh, I'm so shaky from all that caffeination. Now at the friends', a bit scared about what choices I made regarding my short-term plans getting such an absurdly tight schedule, but I guess unless I think about that too much and end up resigned about managing to pull that, it should work out almost well more or less.

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