↳˗ˏˋabt me/dniˊˎ˗ ↴

hai!! i'm sure u read my prof by now, so i don't need much of an intro xD

a few things 2 note however - im audhd which means i don't understand stuff that great D: if i ever misunderstand u its an accident!!! plz explain if i don't get it :3

if ur wondering what i am if not human, i'm a cross between an enderman and a fox!! wish i looked it though D:

i'm also not that good at answering msgs so don't feel bad!! i prob haven't checked it yet :(


- basic criteria (just don't be an asshole!!)

- anti-therian/anti-otherkin

- you unironically call people/their interests cringe

- anti-self diagnosis

that's basically it... feel free to friend/msg otherwise!! :3

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