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i've always been a nervous poster but i really want to change that! so here's some art + a little info on the character in it :)

the art!!

felix!! except its the morning after a bender...

felix is bit of a cliche name i know ahaha, but im too attached to it now to change it. he's usually a very high strung person so the contrast of this compared to the other drawings ive done of him is very amusing for me.

i also decided to include his little granny glasses cause i love how silly they are. /pos

(you'll have to use the link to see because unfortunately i couldn't figure out how to add a photo that wasn't already on the internet yet :'])


i think one thing i'd like to improve on is drawing his nose, as it's supposed to be an aquiline nose. i feel confident drawing them from a side profile but i tend to have trouble drawing them from the front.

(reference to what it an aquiline nose looks like from the side)

What is My Nose Shape? (Type of noses by ethnicity) – GOMED

here's also some slightly older drawings that i've done of him! this was a sketch page that i started but never finished :) it's really cool to see just how much i've improved in 4 months :D

you can tell that some of the features look different since at the time i was still deciding what i wanted him to look like. if i get the motivation one day, i think i'll try re-drawing. for now just imagine his face looks like it does in the recent drawing akdjfbdjsahk

my favourite of this bunch is definitely him ice skating (bottom right). even though i did it awhile ago, im still really happy with both the posing and fabric physics :)

(again, you'll have to use the link im sorry)


a little info about him :)

age: 26

pronouns: he/him, but honestly comfortable with any

sexuality: men enjoyer

gender: genderqueer & fluid

race: father is indigenous australian, mother is wasian (half white/half thai)

status: prince

occupation: professional figure skater, public figure/celebrity

interests include: painting, lepidopterology (the study of butterflies & moths), botany, ice-skating & violin (although both are driven more by familial pressure than pure interest), archery.

strengths: intelligent, good at problem solving, organised, resilience

weaknesses: insecure, can't fight to save his life, prone to stress, prone to substance abuse & addiction (specifically smoking)

fantasy species: human

main colour for character design reasons: blue!

natural hair is 3b but he gets it straightened a lot

oh! and he sees ghosts :O)

anyways its 2:37am now so i'm going to sleep!!

idk how often ill update this blog since, like i said, i'm a nervous poster. i tend to use most social medias to scroll and enjoy other people's things instead of making my own. i think the fact that  there are less people on here compared to other socials helps with the anxiousness.

i'll post more art stuff soon :)

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