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Ranking what I ate/drank today pt 2.


2. Blue m&ms- Scrumdiddlyumptious

3. Tea- I love tea idk if you can tell

4. Porridge- Yumm, it was golden syrup flavour, so nice

5. Sour Rainbow belts- Great but they were so sour, even more sour than usual

6. Weetos- Good as usual but there was only a bit left so I was still hangry

7. Water- It's water

8. Full spoon of sugar- Got a divine punishment by having it scratch my throat :(

9. School Cookie- Wasn't dry for once

10. Chicken Tikka wrap- Good for school standards, would send back in a restaurant, it was practically cold, and the sauce/chicken juice(?) went everywhere

Honourable mention: KFC Trilogy box that I STILL don't have :/


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