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1st day study (MATH)

Welcome to my first blog!! ^_^

Since this is my first blog, I'll tell you about myself

Hi I'm Gabriel, my online name is Ticho

I'm 15, I go in 10th grade and I'm Chilean

I like studying math, english and art

I want to study architecture in college

Currently I'm not going to school due to psych reasons, so I'm gonna use all my time to study!!

19 sep 2023 I studied 3 hours, 1st day studying to become a best student! (from failing)

I was fully motivated to study, the day before that I decided to stop getting hit by depression rocks, and change fully

I really enjoyed studying

I'm very tired now, while I'm writing this, it's 3:02 AM

I studied math, from zero, and from zero I mean basic math

I got the wrong answers tho, I'll check in the morning and study all of it again to understand

In the morning my dad made me breakfast: toast, eggs, avocado and banana milk!

I love when he makes breakfast!

I decided to clean up my desk a bit, it was really a mess, and it still is

But it's cleaned enough to study peacefully

The day before, I watched a lot of vlogs and helping videos to don't get stressed studying, like tips and stuff

Later between morning to afternoon I started studying math

I searched for playlists on youtube that would have lesson videos of basic math, I decided I will learn from zero since it's a subject I'm not really good at and I want to be great at it

Hopefully I found a 27 videos long playlist that are very helpful!

I studied: multiplication, division, fractions multiplication and division

I know it's very basic, but I've been through a lot who made me fully unmotivated to study and made me feel lost in all subjects, that's why I decided to change that

Evening I went out, I wasn't able to study

Later at night I continued studying, wrote everything down to memorize it

And now I'm here, finished just because I got tired and I don't want my first day studying to be stressful

If you actually read all of this, thank you so much!! hope you enjoyed

I plan on starting to make vlogs too but I will start with blogs first to not be so boring :]

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