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doll collection!

doll reveal! hi! hi!

my doll collection

thats "singing justin bieber" on the floor  . (He doesn't even sing.)

i really like the g3 frankie body i like how the limbs are a little thicker? more similar to how the rainbow high ones are shaped i think (i dont own any rainbow high dolls) SPEAKING OF RAINBOW HIGH i hope berrie skies arrives in australia soon because i need them. so sassy looking

i also sew doll clothes sometimes but im not that good at it. this is ? the first shirt i made (its not sewn at all)

kjersti trollson doll with lemon demon shirt

and here are the most recent things ive made!! its a top and jacket :) very fluffy

kjersti trollson doll

if you couldnt tell already kjersti is my favourite

i also MAKE dolls! WOOOWWWWW (wooowww) so here those are

in order: orca (oc), pepperoni from girls und panzer (very 4chan core i know. sorry gais), RE-0 (oc), lucille citroen (lemon demon oc)

clay dollpepperoni from girls und panzerreo dollreo doll

ok THATS it guys hope u enjoyed. (cue awesome youtube outro)

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i love your dolls they're so beautiful

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JAY >.<

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Nice dolls pal

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yeah boy.

by adrian >_O!; ; Report

yeah boy and doll face by pierce the veil? from their first released album in 20017? a flair for the dramatic?

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