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2023-09-20: Finally updated my music collection on here but from memory. So much to talk about... but it's 1am... Goodnight... love my gf she bought me TTTYG on vinyl for my graduation.. ill throw it on here later.. also that suju05... Yeah.. iloveher...ADN i have The Boy Is Mine Remix Cd.. ill add later.. Funfact: the only picture of the baby vox VCD online seem to just belong to me and the person who sold it to me.. it cld be rarer than i think.. idk...i also have another vox cd ill add later.... anyway GNNNNN

2023-09-20: Nine days until my 20th birthday..I dont use spotify anymore but I activated it again to document songs I like in my 20s..................I have too many playlists on apple music. also added music video to corner to feature faves of the moment. video based? song based? mostly song, but TripleS' 'Girls' Capitialism' video is my fave rn.

2023-09-21: Don't want to get into all the details, but I picked up Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine' album because of gentrification.......... the bus system is being phased out of my area, so while I was waiting a whole hour for a bus with 6 seats, I had nothing better to do but spend my last 5 dollars on some secondhand CDs. Monica's was the only one worth picking up though, so I saved 4 dollars! CDs used to be more expensive at the thrift I got it from, so maybe in this shit economy a part of me can still be satisfied in my 20s.

2023-09-30: I didn't get anything for my birthday, so it felt like a miracle I could collect any more CDs, esp. for free. My mom's roommate has a friend who dropped literally 3 boxes full of CDs on him, and he let me look around and take some. I took six - The Fame Monster, Dangerously in Love, Teenage Dream, Born This Way, Destiny's Child hits CD, and another Oops(...). I picked these mostly based on nostalgia. Some songs just sound better when they're listened the way GOD intended you to...<3... also Katy Perry never getting a cent out of me (unless it's ur so gay.. #RIP...)... Godbless. Can't wait to get a new CD player. โ€” P.S... I'm dysc......s. At the time of writing, the Spotify embed is a month ahead. Sorry to everyone who saw that... I'm... severely intellectually disabled. It's now fixed. That was embarassing. Thanks.

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this is so cool!! i love the britney and fob :-)

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thank u ^^

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this is so cool

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