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Soap in PKP Intercity trains is quite salty

Salty that soap is. Never thought I'd learn this. But there I was, desperately needing to.

Brush teeth. The taxi driver was wholesome in how he noticed my run and offered to ride fast, and he did; I pre-set the tip well outright - with no doubt I want to -, and it was lovely to see the taxi there once I got to train door.

I took a private leave at 3pm already but still ended up, at 5:30, almost exactly late for the train. And so I still needed to brush teeth and roughly shave once in the train.

Now that I think of it, maybe I should fix up that shave a bit. Even if I ended up getting a little burn already this time somehow. Maybe it would be overshaving, maybe not, tough to say that time. And I don't mean razor, I mean a OneBlade.

Being so unprepared to go, since it being right after returning home after quite quite a while, was what made me end up like that. It even was hard to find clean clothes good for the occasion.

And there were also sidetracks: one thing is I couldn't find one powerbank of mine, and have let myself search for it stupidly long; another is I really needed to relax under a shower, and in a moment of resignation I ended up yielding to that desire. There was also a thing that my nesting quasipartner's mother's freshly-ex-boyfriend who were living in our place before us have allegedly asked her to not throw out a box from a TV they now intend to sell and I ended up cutting it up for stuff at some point. And there was food delivery. And there was just nitpicking really meaningless things to pack.

That train I took already is one to be late with by almost an hour. Minus 20 minutes kinda, as at least one person also comes late albeit by just 20min. And it got a delay, it got a delay of well over a quarter an hour because of some fluid/gas vertical tank carriages train ending up disconnecting on our route and our train had to back off.

I really wonder how well am I packed after that rush. I really hope I won't be overheating in that golf. I really hope the light blouse I grabbed will do and hope that maybe there was something more I grabbed.

Also hah, first time wearing a golf after the summer. A kinda warm albeit thin one, even. Yeah I was already overheating in it at the end of packing, pretty sure tomorrow in office will have to be the lighter blouse. Otoh... office.. those tend to be cool, so maybe? Hard to say hah. And also, wondering about if my cotton leggins will suite.

Did I yet mention that using a mask with an exhaust valve, now that no one around cares anyway and there is not much point in protecting everyone else from myself at a considerable cost of using one without, is absolutely amazing? And I love so much that some fedi acquiantances, friends of ex&friends, shown me it is actually feasible to wear those rubber-behind-head ones with ponytail long hair, if not even actually seeing friend wear other kinds of elastic-behind-head masks with even loose hair.

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